[sword-devel] SWORD / THML incompatibility

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 2 Dec 2001 18:34:31 -0800

> Oh I see. Well then I guess my question is if there is a full 
> spec for 
> exactly what I can put
> into the passage= field, because it's not as simple as it 
> first appears. 
> Also I'm wondering
> how I should split things up. Like for "1Ti 6:7-10,12; 9:10", 
> should I 
> say...
> <scripRef passage="1Ti 6:7-10">1Ti6:7</scripRef>-<scripRef 
> passage="1Ti 
> 6:12">12</scripRef>; <scripRef passage="1Ti 9:10">9:10</scripRef>
> Or....
> <scripRef passage="1Ti 6:7-10,12">1Ti 6:7-10,12</scripRef>; <scripRef 
> passage="1Ti 9:10">9:10</scripRef>
> Or...
> <scripRef passage="1Ti 6:7-10,12; 9:10">1Ti 6:7-10,12; 9:10</scripRef>
> I would presume the first, more fine-grained version would be better?

It is your choice.  Sword will parse all of them just fine, and if you
run into a situation where it is parsing incorrectly let us know and so
we can fix it.

When you right click a verse link in BibleCS, the verses get parsed into
a list and you are shown that list in a little window.  As you highlight
the verses in the verse list window, it will show them below.  Diatheke
will operate similarly when you click a verse link, but it actually
retrieves & returns all the verses referenced.  I can't speak accurately
about BibleTime or GnomeSword since I'm not as familiar with them as I
should be.

It's really your option, based on how much work you want to do or what
behavior your desire in the module.  Maybe at a later time we will add
the option to jump to the first verse in a reference by left clicking,
in which case the first version would be best.  But currently I would
say the last version works best in BibleCS since it means all the
references in a block can be viewed in a single list box.