[sword-devel] Creating sword modules

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 2 Dec 2001 01:56:25 -0800

> Well this text came from an old BibleSource program, published by 
> Zondervan, so I guess that's good news.
> Has there been direct contact with any of the publishers? I 
> would have 
> thought that a lot of them would be happy to have people 
> selling their 
> product. There seem to be a lot of bible programs on the market that 
> must have done a deal with them.

Zondervan is only interested in sources of reliable, large profits.
>From our statistics, which show us serving about half a million books
per year, I would assume 10,000 people would probably be willing to pay
$10 for an NIV license to meet Zondervan's quota for that.  I'm not sure
about licensing on their other property.

But no one has worked with any publishers for the purpose of selling
content.  CrossWire's purposes are to create software and distribute
scripture for free, so it would be a group other than CrossWire itself
that dealt with these matters.