[sword-devel] Creating sword modules

Chris sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 02 Dec 2001 22:04:06 +1100

If you are getting a half million downloads, I wouldn't be at all 
surprised if you could do a lot
better than 10,000 x $10. After all there's probably a bunch of these 
same people paying
multi-times that amount for commercial products as well.

If crosswire's goal is to give stuff away, I would think you need to get 
a licencing deal
done just so you can play in the same league. As an example, I know a 
retired lady, who
can ill-afford to be buying software, recently spent about $60 I think 
for some bible
program. While you and I would like to be able to give her say NIV free, 
we'd still
be doing the world a service if we could give it to her for $10 and save 
her $50.

Chris Little wrote:

>>Well this text came from an old BibleSource program, published by 
>>Zondervan, so I guess that's good news.
>>Has there been direct contact with any of the publishers? I 
>>would have 
>>thought that a lot of them would be happy to have people 
>>selling their 
>>product. There seem to be a lot of bible programs on the market that 
>>must have done a deal with them.
>Zondervan is only interested in sources of reliable, large profits.
>>From our statistics, which show us serving about half a million books
>per year, I would assume 10,000 people would probably be willing to pay
>$10 for an NIV license to meet Zondervan's quota for that.  I'm not sure
>about licensing on their other property.
>But no one has worked with any publishers for the purpose of selling
>content.  CrossWire's purposes are to create software and distribute
>scripture for free, so it would be a group other than CrossWire itself
>that dealt with these matters.