[sword-devel] SWORD / THML incompatibility

Chris sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 02 Dec 2001 20:06:15 +1100

>Where ThML and Sword disagree, follow Sword. After all that's your real
>target. :)
Ok, so <scripRef>1Ti 0:0</scriptRef> will point to the introduction and 
not the whole book?

>>    The author is Paul (see <scripRef
>>  parsed="1Ti|0|0|0|0">Introduction to 1 Timothy</scripRef>: Author).
>Don't bother with the parsing.  It's usually a lot of extra work and it
>gets ignored by Sword anyway  Just use <scripRef passage="1Ti 0:0">.
>And if you find a reference like 1Tim 1:1 in the text, just surround it
>like "<scripRef>1Tim 1:1</scripRef>" without any parameters.
Umm, I think I have to parse it anyway. Actually I can't see how this is 
going to work.
For example in the notes, sometimes you just have say "6:7", if it is in 
the same book.
And if it is a single verse, it just says "v. 7", or a range "vv. 7-9". 
I've even seen "here;"
to mean the current verse. Now I wouldn't
want to corrupt the original text by changing say "v.7" into "1Ti 6:7". 
why the "parsed=" seems very important because it allows me to specify 
that plain
old "v. 7" really means "1Ti 6:7". Unless of course Sword is so smart it 
these NIV Study notes conventions.