[sword-devel] new/updated modules

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 22 Apr 2001 14:20:54 -0700

> The new IGNT looks fantastic with the new Win32 frontend.

Hmm.  I'll take your word for it.  For me, it's all in what looks like
Arial.  I think it's just the OpenType issue I mentioned earlier.  Has
anyone had success with this module in Windows 2000?

Just to make things interesting, I did another small fix to the GBFRTF
filter that should make no change in presentation (but it is the right way
of doing fonts, unlike my previous method).

> ASV now has the problem of double spaces... I think it (and the
> previous IGNT) has a space before the footnote, and a space after
> the footnote, which looks fine when footnotes are displayed, but
> results in two spaces when footnotes are turned off. One of those
> spaces should probably be in the footnote instead of removed.


> Do MHC and JFB need to be recreated with the new filters?
> (Franklin Bratcher pointed out the new font problem.)

I have no idea what might be causing these problems.  I made a couple small
changes to the ThMLRTF filter that should undo what I did yesterday.
Namely, they should be more lax about tag capitalization.  I also threw in
the same changes as I made to GBFRTF for the same reasons as above.  I'll
just cross my fingers and hope this one goes away.

On the bright side, you'll notice, I hope, that the text layout is a bit
improved. :)

> HNV needs another addition to the .conf
> SourceType=GBF