[sword-devel] Naming Scheme

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 14 Apr 2001 22:07:45 -0700

Dear Everyone,

    Happy Easter! I hope everyone has had the opportunity to spend some time
with their families this Easter.
    As I have been outlining the content that is going to go on the
redesigned Sword website I have ran into the problem of how to refer to
certain tools that we make available. It seems we may need to come up with a
naming scheme for these items that makes them clearer. Here is what I am
talking about: we do not have a name for the Windows Frontend, it is simply
referred to as that. I don't think this is desirable because it is not very
clear to the end user. So lets come up with a name for the Windows Frontend,
any suggestions?
    Also how do we refer to the text modules that people can download?
Simply as text modules or sword modules or sword text modules? What about
the Sword API library, do we refer to it as that or maybe the Sword library?
These things need to be made clearer, so lets start talking about naming
schemes for each of them.

In Christ,