[sword-devel] Attention Everyone On This List - Important

sword-devel@crosswire.org sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 15 Nov 2000 01:57:51 EST

Hey Everyone,

    Ok, here it is, the fruits of my efforts. I said that I wanted to help 
out with the copyright issue with the locked modules. Well I have made a web 
site to help organize the efforts in contacting the copyright holders, here 
is the address:
<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/BJW7TOAEM/swordcopyright/index.html">
    My purpose in setting up this web site was so there would be one central 
location for users, developers, etc. to get information about locked modules, 
why they see garbled text when they open a locked module and also to 
encourage people to help out the effort to contact copyright holders, by 
sending in letters, etc.
    On the web site you will find contact information, guidelines to remember 
when you are writing a letter, form letters, and all the other information 
you need.

    Now this is what I need from the people on this list, right now the web 
site is not ready for public viewing, if web site could have version numbers 
like software this would be version 0.5 of the website, I have set it up so 
that you guys can look at it and help me make it better before we release it 
for users to go to.

What I need for you guys to do:

    -I need a sword project icon image, it must be web suitable, you will see 
on the web site where I want the image to go. Please e-mail me so I can give 
you more specifics if you want to do this for me, I don't want you to spend 
time on something and then me tell you that is too big or not what I was 
looking for, so please e-mail me.

    -I also need a banner size image that relates to the locked modules and 
our effort to unlock them, you will also see on the web site where I want 
this image. Once again e-mail for more specifics.

    -I am like the worse speller in the world and I am not to good with 
grammar either, please some people go through and edit the text, send me the 
complete corrections you have (this means if you have corrected something on 
the first page, send me a copy of the whole page with your correct somehow 
highlighted or other wise indicated if this is possible).

    -I also need some help with color design, right now I am not too happy 
with the colors I picked, I would like to stay with the same layout (if no 
one finds a problem with it). But I need a new color design, anyone with this 
expertise please help. You may copy one of the pages and apply the color 
design and post it somewhere for me to see if that is easiest for you other 
wise just e-mail me your idea and I will apply it here on my computer and see 
what I think.

    -Please also provide any other feedback you have on the content, layout, 
navigation, etc. I am not just looking for feedback about the web site itself 
but also the content, is it useful, do you agree with the strategy, how I am 
purposing that we go about contacting copyright holders, is everything clear 
enough for novice users, etc. Just remember to be complete in your feedback, 
I mean, make sure if you want something change you send me the whole thing 
changed so it is easier for me to work back in. Just think of how you would 
want it presented if you had to take someone's feedback and change parts of 
the web site.

    This is a wonderful opportunity for all of you guys on this list that are 
not programmers to help out the Sword Project with more than just testing the 
software, you can also test the website :). At least take a look at the site 
and see if you would be willing to send a letter to a copyright holder, or 
help in another way!

    I am so glad that I could help out with this wonderful project!

<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/BJW7TOAEM/swordcopyright/index.html">Sword 
Copyright Website</A>