[sword-devel] Web interface?

Brook Humphrey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 07:36:28 -0700

If I help with the web interface (I'm not the one who suggested it) I
would GPL it or at least the part of the code that I work on. I don't
think it is benificial to hide code or make it inaccessable.  

Derek Neighbors wrote:
> > Ah right you are refering to sword being gpl. Still PHP the programing
> > language even though it is not gpl, doese not effect the code we produce
> > if we decide to make our aplication gpl. If there is a problem we can
> > license it under lgpl. The is the way allot of the kde programs are
> > licensed. They are linked against qt so they cannot be released as gpl
> > but they can be released under lgpl.
> Yes.  Sorry I see how the two got muddled. :)  PHP is poorly licensed, but
> has no effect on what license your project is.  SWORD is licensed well,
> but could have an effect. :)
> That appears to be correct because the LGPL is GPL compatible:
> <fsf def>
> The GNU Lesser General Public License, or GNU LGPL for short.
>        This is a free software license, but not a strong copyleft license,
> because it permits linking with non-free modules. It is compatible with
> the GNU GPL. We recommend it for special circumstances only.
> </fsf def>
> I would emplore you to please consider using the GPL instead of the LGPL
> for you product. :)
> -derek