[sword-devel] Web interface?

John Keiser sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 10:19:02 -0600

Wow, many discussions have arisen.  I didn't mean to disrupt things here.
Here are my comments and responses.

Just to clarify, then ... PHP4 is not GPL.  But we can make a GPL
application using PHP4 and have it dynamically link to the GPL'd SWORD
libraries.  Even though PHP4 is doing dynamic linking, it is really our app
that is being linked with SWORD (sort of like a non-GPL OS can perform the
actual dynamic linking function between two GPL apps and not cause a GPL
conflict).  Do the SWORD people agree?  (That is all that matters, I think,
if y'all agree.)

I tend to like the LGPL better, because I am one of those that believe the
best point of open source is its quality and collaborative nature, but
whichever one the people involved in the project want is fine with me.

I actually had not expected such a response.  I'll formalize the project
sooner rather than later.  I will have some time this weekend to write
things up and get it started; anyone who is interested in working on it,
email me.  (If someone else desires to lead the thing, I'm game there too.)

This is a different interface to the same underlying libraries.  Since this
project will create a larger userbase, it will also create a larger
developer base for the SWORD libraries (people who know how to do that sort
of thing).  Probably it will increase the number of modules added, as well.

It also appears that most of the people volunteering here do not have so
much expertise that would help the main SWORD project, GUI toolkit and all.
I am in the same boat as them.  While I could work on the libraries given a
lot of startup time, Web stuff is my cup of tea.  Thus this is increasing
the total number of people working on SWORD-related stuff.

This seems to be moving a lot faster than I expected, so I want to get one
thing out in the open before anything starts here: I am not currently a
Christian.  I want to do this project because I think the Bible is a worthy
thing for people to discuss, and because I like seeing the work I do on that
score benefit other people.

I hope we can work together anyway.  To stave off such messages, I do not
intend to go into my theology on this list, as that is not the point.  The
point is to get a Web interface to the Bible, and that is a cause we share.

--John Keiser

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> > Ah right you are refering to sword being gpl. Still PHP the programing
> > language even though it is not gpl, doese not effect the code we produce
> > if we decide to make our aplication gpl. If there is a problem we can
> > license it under lgpl. The is the way allot of the kde programs are
> > licensed. They are linked against qt so they cannot be released as gpl
> > but they can be released under lgpl.
> Yes.  Sorry I see how the two got muddled. :)  PHP is poorly licensed, but
> has no effect on what license your project is.  SWORD is licensed well,
> but could have an effect. :)
> That appears to be correct because the LGPL is GPL compatible:
> <fsf def>
> The GNU Lesser General Public License, or GNU LGPL for short.
>        This is a free software license, but not a strong copyleft license,
> because it permits linking with non-free modules. It is compatible with
> the GNU GPL. We recommend it for special circumstances only.
> </fsf def>
> I would emplore you to please consider using the GPL instead of the LGPL
> for you product. :)
> -derek