[sword-devel] porting sword to the Palm

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 23:04:24 +1200

I'm going to have to upgrade my Pilot 1000 one day. Olive Tree are kind
enough to still provide a version that works on my older OS. I can even
easily fit the NT on to it.

It led me to thinking...

If I can't fit the entire bible on my PDA, can I at least get a search tool?

I started playing around with some of the sword texts, working out what is
feasible - ISV NT seems to have about 6600 words - if I was to store these
words, and which verse(s) they are in, but not worry about all the
formatting, punctuation, or order, I must be able to save a lot of space,
and have a very quick search function.

Back to sword...

Where can I find the code that the search window uses?
Does it use indexes?
What format are they?
Are they able to be used without the texts?
What are .vss files?
Am I heading in the wrong direction?

Stephen Denne.

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> Olive Tree is pretty cool.  I bet if you went open source, you could get
> people to make some content for you for free.  *wink* *wink* *nudge*
> *nudge*
> Or better yet, maybe someone else would have to know-how to add SWORD
> module compatability to the OT reader.  It seems like they might need to
> be compressed first, though, in order to fit on a pda, and we
> aren't using compression (or has that made it in yet?).  Maybe a
> SWORD->Olive Tree converter is a better answer.
> -Chris Little
> On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, Drew Haninger wrote:
> > Since your discussing porting to the Palm, we were thinking of trying
> > Open Source development on a few of our products, not sure about GPL,
> > would like to try it.  We are already putting out most of the public
> > Bibles for free with a free reader.
> >
> > Drew Haninger
> > Olive Tree Bible Software
> > www.OliveTree.com