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Sorry to but into this guys, but.... "copyrighted because 'he typed it in.'"
So let me get this straight? If I type up "Footprints", the Declaration of
Independence, the Magna Carta, and the King James version, I can slap a
copyright on it???  My goodness, I'll be richer than Avarice!!!!
Yeah right... This guy needs to really review his ethics, and his law. But
that's just my opinion, I *could* be wrong.

In Christ Jesus,

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> Larry had his copyright displayed prominently in the text and we had not
> had any definitive statements as to the legality of his claims.  The
> module would be on our site enciphered if we had encipher support
> working for lexicon / dictionary modules.  The code is there, it just
> doesn't work ;)  It actually should have no trouble deciphering the
> text, but my cheezy cipher utility doesn't seem to work correctly with
> anything other than Biblical texts.  I would love to get word on the
> status of this text and post it publicly if we can.
> -Troy.
> Chris Little wrote:
> >
> > You are correct it seems.  But there used to be a Gill file up there.
> > Larry Pierce ask us to take it down (you know, on account of the fact
> > he owns copyright on this 240 year old work because he and other
> > typed it in)?
> >
> > --Chris Little
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> > If Gill's Expositor is a SWORD module, where is it available from?
> > I can't find it anywhere on the CrossWire site...
> >
> > Todd