[sword-devel] John Gill

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 02 Jul 2000 13:30:23 -0700

Larry had his copyright displayed prominently in the text and we had not
had any definitive statements as to the legality of his claims.  The
module would be on our site enciphered if we had encipher support
working for lexicon / dictionary modules.  The code is there, it just
doesn't work ;)  It actually should have no trouble deciphering the
text, but my cheezy cipher utility doesn't seem to work correctly with
anything other than Biblical texts.  I would love to get word on the
status of this text and post it publicly if we can.


Chris Little wrote:
> You are correct it seems.  But there used to be a Gill file up there.  Did
> Larry Pierce ask us to take it down (you know, on account of the fact that
> he owns copyright on this 240 year old work because he and other volunteers
> typed it in)?
> --Chris Little
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> If Gill's Expositor is a SWORD module, where is it available from?
> I can't find it anywhere on the CrossWire site...
> Todd