[sword-devel] perl code to evaluate scripture references

Joe Walker sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 22 Jan 2000 10:21:25 -0000


I can't help you with perl stuff, but I do have some Java tools that
can understand sets of verses, sort and do some basic 'maths-type'
operations (this set of verses minus that set etc.) which would allow
you to split them into OT and NT sets. If I understood what you
wanted more it might be easy to create some command line tools to


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> Hello!
> I am currently converting my personal commentary (written in 
> proprietary text format) to a SWORD
> rawcom with ThML markup and write a perl script for that purpose.
> Is anybody aware of some existing pearl code that evaluates scripture 
> references that I could
> integrate, so that I would be able to sort the commented verse ranges 
> in biblical order (and into
> the files ot and nt) and create the indexes from them (and, 
> addotionally, create ThML-Tags from the
> scripture references *in* the text)?
> Thanx. In Christ:
> --Matthias Ansorg <aNsis@gmx.de>