[sword-devel] perl code to evaluate scripture references

Matthias Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 21:32:34 +0100


Yes, I'm interested in your Java tools. The work that is to be done is:
-- one program takes a list of verse sets (list of strings like "Jn 3:1-16"), sorts them in
biblical order and reports overlapping verse sets. It distributes the sorted list into the files nt
and ot. So I can append the complying paragraph of the commentary to each set of verses in 
ot and nt files.
-- another program to takes a set of verses (such as the string "Jn 3:1-16") and gives back the
absolute number of the first given verse in KJV verse numbering and the amount of given verses.
This is dedicated to help me creating the .vss files of a commentary with commented verse _sets_,
which txt2sword can't, as long as I know. But perhaps someone knows how to do this easier?

Do you think that your Java tools are an appropriate basis for building these programs / functions?

Unfortunately, the verse sets are given in German abbreviation scheme (i.e., "Joh.3,1-16"). So, 
are your tools useful to convert German to English abbreviation scheme? [suggestion: how about
collecting these helpful functions that deal with sets of verses, indexing, doing markup and so on
and create a library (perl module?) from them that would support scripting when converting texts to

Thanks so far, Joe!  In Christ,
     Matthias  <aNsis@gmx.de>

On Sam, 22 Jan 2000, you wrote:
>I can't help you with perl stuff, but I do have some Java tools that
>can understand sets of verses, sort and do some basic 'maths-type'
>operations (this set of verses minus that set etc.) which would allow
>you to split them into OT and NT sets. If I understood what you
>wanted more it might be easy to create some command line tools to
>> -----Original Message-----
>> I am currently converting my personal commentary (written in 
>> proprietary text format) to a SWORD
>> rawcom with ThML markup and write a perl script for that purpose.
>> Is anybody aware of some existing pearl code that evaluates scripture 
>> references that I could
>> integrate, so that I would be able to sort the commented verse ranges 
>> in biblical order (and into
>> the files ot and nt) and create the indexes from them (and, 
>> addotionally, create ThML-Tags from the
>> scripture references *in* the text)?
>> Thanx. In Christ:
>> --Matthias Ansorg <aNsis@gmx.de>