[sword-devel] What about TeX/LaTeX-export?

Horst Hölle sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 02:25:09 +0100

Hello Troy,

Am Freitag, 15. Dezember 2000 12:19 schrieben Sie:
> > I'm writing all my text's with LaTeX and it would be great if there would
> > be the posibility to export the marked text to clipboard in TeX/LaTeX
> > format.
> Horst,
1.> 	So are you suggesting that, while using bibletime, you might highlight
> text and select Edit|Copy as LaTex, then the xclipboard would be filled
> with the text in LaTex markup?
2.> 	Or are you saying that you would like the text always outputed in LaTex
> markup?  
3.> 	Or are you saying that you are working on new texts for sword
> that are marked up in LaTex?

OK, I think there are two Parts using sword with LaTeX. 

1. The first is to create a Sword_Class for LaTeX doing an automatic lookup 
in sword-modules. 

when doing in the document:
[...] - document-header
[...] - anywhere in Text
\sword_cite[some options]{SWKey}
\or_even_environements - for longer citations

LaTeXing (compiling) the document, there should be made an automatic lookup 
in sword and inserting the Text(or whatever) to that place in the document. 
For this there should be a small tool (binary) which does the lookup in sword 
- creating the LaTeX-markup. 

2. The second way is to export the text in LaTeX markup. Seemless if this is 
the Clipboard (Win and X please - cause at work I have MS-Win...) or a file.

I looked to the gbfhtml-filter. It seems not too heavy to create an 
gbfLaTeX-SWFilter. Is there anywhere a description to the gbf-format? Or what 
is the base format when creating SWFilter subclasses.

> The first would require a hack in bibletime.  The latter 2 would require
> new SWFilter subclasses.
> 	Thanks for your interest.  I've never used latex before, but I'm
> familiar with what it is.  Isn't it that huge package that I always skip
> when installing a distro? :)
what is huge? You aren't familiar with what it is when you skip the package!! 
> 	God's blessings,
thank you.