[sword-devel] What about TeX/LaTeX-export?

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 04:19:11 -0700

Horst Hölle wrote:
> hello,
> I'm writing all my text's with LaTeX and it would be great if there would be
> the posibility to export the marked text to clipboard in TeX/LaTeX format.

	So are you suggesting that, while using bibletime, you might highlight
text and select Edit|Copy as LaTex, then the xclipboard would be filled
with the text in LaTex markup?
	Or are you saying that you would like the text always outputed in LaTex
markup?  Or are you saying that you are working on new texts for sword
that are marked up in LaTex?

The first would require a hack in bibletime.  The latter 2 would require
new SWFilter subclasses.

	Thanks for your interest.  I've never used latex before, but I'm
familiar with what it is.  Isn't it that huge package that I always skip
when installing a distro? :)

	God's blessings,

> I looked to the filters in sword/src/filter and am wondering what filter I'd
> have to write: LaTeX <--> HTML, LaTeX <--> plain text ...
> or all of them?
> Or will I have to do this part in bibletime (oh it's great!)