[sword-devel] SWORD Java support?

Joe Walker sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 22:58:45 +0100


> I'm most interested in redoing my PERL CGI script as a Java servlet w/o
> the need to run a command-line tool as the CGI does.  I'm also looking at
> developing Palm stuff with KVM.

Take care with the KVM. From what I can see it is
a) not a JVM and
b) a bad idea

Not a JVM? The problem I think was that to Classload, for example
java.lang.String you also have to Classload a zillion other classes which it
references. Pop goes your 1Mb memory (or whatever). So the KVM rewrites all
the code libs to remove class inter-dependancies, and pop goes any hope of

Bad idea? Well Moore Law says that in a few months Palms will have fast
StrongARMs and 64Mb of memory etc. So I'd suggest developing for a PC now
and waiting on a Palm.