[sword-devel] SWORD Java support?

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 14:39:47 -0700

	You can check out module 'jsword' from our CVS repository.  It
currently has all of our Java work.  You won't be able to traverse a
module, but you can use SWMgr to examine what modules are installed for
a sword install and get some other information.  There are the
beginnings of things in there that will allow you to read a module, but
work stopped at VerseKey.  I've been wanting to rewrite VerseKey.cpp for
some time now and thought it not a good time to port the existing code
to Java.  For an example, go to our module download page on our website
and view the list of some module type (Bibles, Commentaries, etc.).  At
the end of the list, there will be a link to source for ModDisp.jsp 
This is where you will see the Java code in action.


Chris Little wrote:
> I'm sure this question has been asked a gazillion times before and I've
> just missed the answers, but is there any way of using SWORD from Java,
> either as a pure Java class in early development or with some Java
> interface to the compiled C++ libraries?  I've just started working
> with/learning Java and figured out that this Java-thing is pretty cool. :)
> I'm most interested in redoing my PERL CGI script as a Java servlet w/o
> the need to run a command-line tool as the CGI does.  I'm also looking at
> developing Palm stuff with KVM.
> So is anything already available or is this stuff very easy to accomplish?
> --Chris Little