[sword-devel] upcoming modules and collaboration with OLB people

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 21:56:16 -0800

> Have you talked to Yeshiah to see what he's been doing in this area?  I
> figure you guys have been discussing things and have it all under
> control, but just wanted to make sure we weren't duplicating efforts.

No, we haven't really talked about this.  He's been working with the BHS
from OLB, which is not pointed like the Oxford text is.  I'm definitely
planning to use the ISO standard encoding though. :)  That should make it
largely compatible with his work I expect.  I actually found out about the
Oxford text being pointed from someone who was writing on the OLB forum to
complain about OLB not providing utilities to create modules so I put in a
plug for SWORD to him. :)

> I had a PDF from a year or so ago and tried to extract the raw text, but
> had no luck.  I believe now, they have a few different options for
> format.

All they have now are PDF and Word 2000.  What I've been using is an HTML
file exported from Word 2000, but it is completely full of XML junk.  (Thank
you Microsoft....)

I don't think the Learn Foundation will mind the $1.50 charge.  I haven't
received their response, but I think I made our position clear about not
being able to give away CDs for any less than that since we don't have a
profitable business side to our project.