[sword-devel] upcoming modules and collaboration with OLB people

Torsten Uhlmann sword-devel@crosswire.org
21 Dec 1999 08:34:18 +0100

Did somebody already talk to german distributors like Deutsche
Bibelgesellschaft or Hännsler? I don't know who's responsible for
copyrights of Luther and Elberfelder in Germany but likewise would like
to see them in SWORD. The old translations are somewhat... well hard to
understand because they use old expressions.
If not please tell me, too, then I will mail them...

>>>>> "Troy" == Troy A Griffitts <scribe@crosswire.org> writes:

    Troy> Wooohooo! :) Great news all around, Chris!

    >> Then, I'm going to work on getting us a pointed BHS from the
    >> Oxford text archive.  I still need to ask them permission for
    >> use, but I want to see how it looks in SWORD using the ISO Hebrew
    >> encoding to decide if it is even worth it to include.

    Troy> Have you talked to Yeshiah to see what he's been doing in this
    Troy> area?  I figure you guys have been discussing things and have
    Troy> it all under control, but just wanted to make sure we weren't
    Troy> duplicating efforts.

    >> I also asked The Learn Foundation for permission to use the ISV
    >> in SWORD and did receive permission with the following license:

    Troy> This is wonderful news!

    >> Permission is hereby granted to utilize the ISV under the
    >> following terms and conditions:
    >> 1. No charge may be made to end users for the ISV.
    >> 2. You must use the current release (v1.10, build #5 released 15
    >> December 1999) as your release text. You agree to update your
    >> release text with the latest version and build of the ISV
    >> periodically at your discretion, but no less often than
    >> annually. Please be advised that other vendors will probably
    >> update quarterly.
    >> 3. You agree not to distribute the ISV in any locked form. If you
    >> distribute demo copies of your software, you agree that the ISV
    >> will be freely accessible in the demo version.
    >> 4. NO license to publish printed copies of the ISV are granted
    >> hereby.
    >> 5. You agree to incorporate the ISV triglyph device as an
    >> identifying logo for the ISV, the front matter of the ISV, and
    >> all footnotes of the ISV in your electronic edition. Contact us
    >> if you cannot extract the logo from the downloaded files.
    >> 6. You agree to include the version and build number in your
    >> indicia that describe the inclusion of the ISV in your electronic
    >> edition as follows: Holy Bible: International Standard Version,
    >> v1.10, build #5 Copyright (c) 2000 by The Learn Foundation. ALL
    >> Converting it will be a different matter since it's in a
    >> horrendously complicated format, but at least we have permission
    >> on a genuine copyrighted modern translation.  I'm not sure,
    >> though, how they will like our "charging" for CDs so I'll email
    >> them with details and see.

    Troy> I had a PDF from a year or so ago and tried to extract the raw
    Troy> text, but had no luck.  I believe now, they have a few
    Troy> different options for format.

    Troy> I hope the "charging" aspect doesn't come into play as we only
    Troy> ask for $1.50 to cover our costs to produce the CD + shipping,
    Troy> and anyone may make copies of the CD and give them away
    Troy> themselves.  (With the ISO image idea, hopefully this will
    Troy> happen more.  Now I'm excited to get this on the website.
    Troy> Most of you have not seen an 'official' CD distribution-- my
    Troy> fault mostly :( ).  Not sure how this will affect the CD
    Troy> license as a whole, though.  Currently, anyone may also 'sell'
    Troy> the CD if they wish-- as stated under the GNU GPL.  I noticed
    Troy> other copyrights of some of our modules stating similar 'no
    Troy> fee' restrictions.  Maybe we'll need 2 images.  GPL and 'no
    Troy> charge'.  Not sure.

    >> Also, I've been venturing over into enemy territory: the Online
    >> Bible User Discussion forum.  I've been helping out to convert
    >> ISBE to OLB format since it seemed a whole lot nicer to spend an
    >> hour writing a script to tag for OLB than to let their users
    >> manually tag verses in 9000 articles.  In the process, I've had a
    >> number of discussion with Jonathan Dixon, who runs The Online
    >> Bible Software Site (TOLBSS -- http://www.ccel.org/olb/ - it's
    >> not affiliated with Larry Pierce or his company at all, but is
    >> supported by the good folks at CCEL like Harry Plantinga) and
    >> we've decided to collaborate a bit and help each other out with
    >> releasing new material for both packages.  Quite a number of OLB
    >> users, Jonathan included, have expressed great interest in SWORD,
    >> largely because of its open-source nature.  Their major hangups
    >> seem to be interface and lack of support for a general book type.
    >> I still can't understand the interface problem, so I asked
    >> Jonathan to give me some suggestions, which he said he would
    >> later today.

    Troy> This is an awesome example of what having a positive attitude
    Troy> with other organizations will produce.  Chris, your
    Troy> willingness to _spend_ your time for others is so appreciated
    Troy> here.

    >> Welp, that's all I have to report for now.  I hope everyone is
    >> having happy holidays.
    >> --Chris

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