[sword-devel] Copyright Scripture distribution

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 12:23:25 -0700

> If you are able to get permission to use/distribute this Turkish NT please let
> me know! I would like to make a Unicode version. The limitation with SWORD
> right now is that in order to use many translations with non-latin character
> sets you have to encode them in one of the many different encoding "standards"
> and then use an X server or Windows version designed/patched for that encoding
> scheme. Any chance of Unicode support in SWORD, Troy?

Well, I don't think it's sword that has a problem with a unicode
module.  One such module could be indexed and used with our api the same
way any other module is used (now as inexperienced as I am with
double-byte facilitation, this statement could be completely wrong). 
The problem seems to be that most frontends that use our API use
standard display controls that may or may not work with double-byte
buffers.  Our WIN32 GUI uses Microsoft's standard OS RTF control for
displaying.  I would think that if you have a version of windoze that
supports a double-byte character set, then this control should also
support such.  I believe BibleTime uses some standard Qt TextArea
control for displaying.  Not sure how they got Chinese to display, but
this would probably mean to me that this control could display
double-byte character sets, period.  I highly doubt that troll-tech did
as poor a job as microsoft and ships 2 different controls (single and
double byte).

This may be completely errant, but I hope it will at least solicit
comments from those who know what they are talking about :)