[sword-devel] Copyright Scripture distribution

Torsten Uhlmann sword-devel@crosswire.org
13 Dec 1999 11:28:18 +0100

>>>>> "Troy" == Troy A Griffitts <scribe@crosswire.org> writes:

    >> If you are able to get permission to use/distribute this Turkish
    >> NT please let me know! I would like to make a Unicode
    >> version. The limitation with SWORD right now is that in order to
    >> use many translations with non-latin character sets you have to
    >> encode them in one of the many different encoding "standards" and
    >> then use an X server or Windows version designed/patched for that
    >> encoding scheme. Any chance of Unicode support in SWORD, Troy?

    Troy> Well, I don't think it's sword that has a problem with a
    Troy> unicode module.  One such module could be indexed and used
    Troy> with our api the same way any other module is used (now as
    Troy> inexperienced as I am with double-byte facilitation, this
    Troy> statement could be completely wrong).  The problem seems to be
    Troy> that most frontends that use our API use standard display
    Troy> controls that may or may not work with double-byte buffers.
    Troy> Our WIN32 GUI uses Microsoft's standard OS RTF control for
    Troy> displaying.  I would think that if you have a version of
    Troy> windoze that supports a double-byte character set, then this
    Troy> control should also support such.  I believe BibleTime uses
    Troy> some standard Qt TextArea control for displaying.  Not sure
    Troy> how they got Chinese to display, but this would probably mean
    Troy> to me that this control could display double-byte character
    Troy> sets, period.  I highly doubt that troll-tech did as poor a
    Troy> job as microsoft and ships 2 different controls (single and
    Troy> double byte).

BibleTime uses the KHTML widget for displaying stuff. So there is no
native QT widget in between just a drawing canvas. We filter everything
to HTML and pass it over to the widget. At the time of qt-1 KHTML was
the only widget available for that purposes. I've heard qt-2 has a RTF
widget but I still would like to stick to HTML since it's more flexible
(and I know it better than RTF :) ).

    Troy> This may be completely errant, but I hope it will at least
    Troy> solicit comments from those who know what they are talking
    Troy> about :)

    Troy> 	-Troy.

Torsten Uhlmann

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