[sword-devel] new FAQ

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 19:25:56 -0800

I'm not specifically partial towards FAQ-O-Matic, I'd just really like to
see SOME kind of distributed FAQ management solution instituted.  Whether
it's elegant or kludgey, GPL or proprietary, free or commercial doesn't
matter to me so much as that it works.  Of course, a free, elegant, GPL
product is preferable, but whether FOM is the best of these, I don't really

--Chris Little

> FAQ-O-Matic is ok, but kind of lacking compared to commercial faq
> maitenence system that are overpriced. Is the Horde group using
> FAQ-O-Matic? That's unbelievable :) It's not that spectacular IMO.
> Anyhow that said, lemme get to the point :) A close friend of mine who
> works in UTD's IR department has written a PHP+MySQL based FAQ system that
> is more featurful than FAQ-O-Matic and looks a lot better in my opinion.
> We are trying to talk the IR department into allowing him to release the
> code GPL. Unfortunatly it's not yet GPL'd, a few people within IR are
> trying to determine if they can legally release it. UTD needs to make a
> name for itself in the sense of contributing to the open-software pool, so
> we're trying to push that angle of releasing it. If it is released,
> however, I'd recommend it :)
> If you'd like the URL to take a look at the running alpha of it, let me
> know. [End commercial] But an automated FAQ is a great idea :)