[osis-core] Ambiguity regarding <work> and when to use <identifier type="OSIS"> and <referenceSystem> and which is required.

Todd Tillinghast osis-core@bibletechnologieswg.org
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 11:12:41 -0700


Troy and I spoke on the phone yesterday afternoon regarding the use of
the values in <identifier type="OSIS"> and <referenceSystem> with work.
He and I had differing understandings about which are required in what
cases, and how they are used to resolve the full meaning of values in
osisID and osisRef attributes.

Troy is composing a set of examples to make clear what seems not to be
clear, and hopefully for us as a group to come to a common

Harry, two concerns regarding releasing the CD for distribution at the
meeting next week.
1) If the way you have encoded <work> elements is inconsistent with the
standard.  Then there will be a large number of documents in circulation
with encoding that is inconsistent with the standard.  (This is of
course no reflection on your encoding but upon the ambiguity that
currently exists.)
2) I noticed in past encodings that you have put a value like
http://www.ccel..... for the value of <identifier type="OSIS">.
Although the standard does not specify the form of this value, it would
leave the door open for the future to encode things without the
http://www.ccel.org and simply create an identifier that does not imply
a transport or website.
3) The use of a reference to
http://www.bibletechnologies.net/osisCore.1.1.1.xsd to specify the
schema rather than a reference to a local copy.

I don't think any of these issues will cause significant effort to
correct but will make for examples that we would want people to follow.

Based on today's email I understand you are under a deadline and I hope
that there is still time to make necessary adjustments.  I think we
would all agree that it would be preferred for the sample CD to be
consistent with what the standard.