[bt-devel] BibleTime interface for small screen resolutions using QML

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 19:47:42 MST 2011


This is one of the dreams of the BibleTime project. In order for us to
actually achieve it, however, we need to take a few other steps first.
Our GUI code, our HTML rendering code, our module maintenance code and
our Qt-SWORD interface layers are currently all one giant connection
of code. Our hope is that we can separate these four layers into four
separate sub-libraries within BibleTime.

1) This would give us the ability to do incremental upgrades and
patches on some systems (like in Windows).
2) It would make it easier for us to have tests which cover all the
code if the code was logically separated.
3) It would allow us to make different GUIs which lean on those
libraries for tiny screens, smartphones, tablets (there is a
Nokia-endorsed but not official port of Qt to Android), netbooks and

So your idea of pushing towards Symbian is in line with BibleTime's
objectives, but separating each of those other layers from BibleTime
are first on our TODO list. Personally I would do the separation from
the bottom up - separating the SWORD/Qt wrapper first, then
segregating the backend code from the rest: code which manages the
modules, keys and bookshelf. At least, this is my current
understanding of our priorities. Jaak is our leader at the moment, so
he can weigh in on what he wants to see. I don't know if this would be
appropriate for your school project, though.


On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 8:29 PM, Сергей Варюхин <cepreu.mail at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi to everyone.
> I am student of FEFU (Far East Federal University) in Russia. I want to
> choose for my graduation work subject "BibleTime interface for small screen
> resolutions using QML". At next stage i intend to port BibleTime on Symbian
> operating system, using results of this work, because many of my sisters and
> brothers in Christ from Russia use phones with this OS.
> Please, write, what do you think about that, because essential condition of
> positive mark for my work at University is acception of my code in main
> repository of project. I think is good idea to give user a choice between
> old and new interfaces during compiling from sources.
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