[bt-devel] BibleTime interface for small screen resolutions using QML

Сергей Варюхин cepreu.mail at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 19:29:36 MST 2011

Hi to everyone.
I am student of FEFU (Far East Federal University) in Russia. I want to
choose for my graduation work subject "BibleTime interface for small screen
resolutions using QML". At next stage i intend to port BibleTime on Symbian
operating system, using results of this work, because many of my sisters
and brothers in Christ from Russia use phones with this OS.
Please, write, what do you think about that, because essential condition of
positive mark for my work at University is acception of my code in main
repository of project. I think is good idea to give user a choice between
old and new interfaces during compiling from sources.
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