[bt-devel] Qt versions and Hardy Backport of Bibletime 2.0

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sat May 30 11:18:14 MST 2009

Wolfgang Stradner E wrote:

>> Is the continuing use of Hardy on desktops (and notebooks) something
>> that is common in SIL, or common among translators?

> I do not know about this, but I do not think. The reason I asked this,
> that laptops like the Dell Dell Inspiron Mini 10v are sold with Ubuntu
> 8.04 installed ...

Interesting.  They offer 8.10 on the 15n.

> So if it is too complicated to provide packages for the actuel LTS
> versions of Linux (8.04), perhaps this can be done in the future. I
> suppose that Ubuntu 10.04 could be the next LTS candidate, or what do
> you think?

Yes, Ubuntu 10.4 is supposed to be an LTS release.  God willing, we'll
have current SWORD and BibleTime packages in that one.


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