[bt-devel] Qt versions and Hardy Backport of Bibletime 2.0

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sun May 31 01:22:02 MST 2009

Wolfgang Stradner E wrote:

> So if it is too complicated to provide packages for the actuel LTS
> versions of Linux (8.04), perhaps this can be done in the future. I
> suppose that Ubuntu 10.04 could be the next LTS candidate, or what do
> you think?

Following Gary's tip about Qt 4.4.x being in hardy-backports already,
and fiddling with our PPAs so they use *-backports, and then wrestling a
bit with what versions of things we really truly *need* ... it builds!

Both bibledit 3.7 and bibletime 2.0 for Hardy are building in the main
Crosswire PPA now, and should be downloadable from there in under an hour.

NOTE: You will need to enable the hardy-backports repo in your
/etc/apt/sources.list file and update ( sudo apt-get update ) before you
will be able to install bibletime (and perhaps also bibledit).

Please let me know if these actually work for you :)


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