[bt-devel] RFC: Remove modules installed by the native package manager

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Sun May 10 01:16:17 MST 2009

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik wrote:
>> Sveinung: dare I ask you, if you are
>> still interested and have time, to implement this prerequisite? In first
>> incarnation it should only detect those packages which can't be uninstalled
>> by the user, detecting the file permissions. It should of course be coded so
>> that it enables detecting the packages with PackageKit with minor changes
>> later. If you are interested, we can start discussion about the UI details.

> Sure, as long as it don't need to be finish before BibleTime 2.0. As
> I've said I'm quite new to C++ and Qt so I expect UI code to take some
> time to learn and to get right.

This is Open Source so it's ready when it's ready :) We'll try to 
publish new releases quite often anyways, hopefully after one or two 
months (though the schedules tend to slip every time...)

> So what do you think about the UI
> (coloring) I proposed in my previous reply to you?

Maybe it would be best to disable (gray out) the item if the path or any 
of the files under it isn't writable for the user. It enhances usability 
because the user can't then even try to do something which he can't 
complete. Coloring is of course very easy to add and we can test it, too.

> By the way, since you were talking about starting to use bzr-svn.
> Should I publish the (BibleTime svn based) bzr branch that I'll
> develop it in (for example on launchpad)?

Hmmm, why not. Actually you could use our sf.net bzr repository. 
Eventually I have to delete it again some day, but if we use it now, I 
can take care that everyone knows when it happens. It's then easy to 
push the branch there again. Using the sf.net repo could give us 
valuable experience.

--Eeli Kaikkonen

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