[bt-devel] Documentation - en/installation

Martin Gruner bt-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 2 Dec 2001 21:30:57 +0100

Hi Fred,

> The features document can be moved into the handbook in the cvs.

Yes, and we should probably only cover the latest version.

> Or if you think it more approperate, we could create additional cvs
> trees for stuff like this.  You might want to look at
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/docbook for a possibility.  I don't
> think I am up to creating our own cascading style sheet for a cvs based
> website, but some of the features might be useful.
> If more cvs trees are added to the repository, please add a
> $CVSROOT/modules file to the cvs tree (see chapter 1.3 of the cervsia
> manual).  This would make it possible for cervisia to fetch a list of
> modules.

I don't get you idea here. cvs trees for what?

> I will update my copy of the cvs today and start working from that.

I made some more changes to the Makefile system (controlled by gen_am.sh).
Installation currently goes in (SuSE 7.3)
...				helpdialog

This directory will contain the *.docbook and *.png files as well as a 
"common" symlink to /opt/kde2/share/doc/HTML/en/common (contains the KDE css).
Please test and comment, though the system is not yet finished.

We must now think about integrating the help docs in the program and in KDE.