[bd-users] Is there something screwy on the Windows version?

Carl Peterson carlopeterson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 21:30:50 MST 2007

I just downloaded and installed BD to my Windows machine. Two things that
immediately strike me upon entering:

1) What's up with the drop-down box for the Bible translations? The width of
the box is almost nothing. When I click the drop-down arrow, all I can see
is the first letter of the version name. Am I the only one seeing that. I
run Vista, if that makes any difference.

2) I know you said you really don't want the commentaries in with the
Bibles, but it would be nice if I could set the commentary pane to sync with
the Bible. Also, a "prev note"/"next note" button set next to the Scripture
pickers would help. I'm not very familiar with how commentary modules are
set up, but is introductory material (book introductions, chapter
introductions) contained in a separate record or is it lumped in with the
commentary for the first verse of whatever region its introducing? If the
former is the case, it would be nice to have an option to select using the
pick boxes those introductions.


Carl Peterson
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