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Mark Puckett markpuckett at swbell.net
Mon Jul 2 03:38:52 MST 2007

DM et al,

Another feature I would like to see is the ability to save a "desktop".  
I.e., I get the versions I want to display, the window sizes just right 
(and the content of all three), on the right passage, and then I want to 
"capture" all of those settings such that I can save (and subsequently 
re-open) the "desktop" with my saved setup.  I would like to be able to 
save several of these "setups" or "desktops".

I would also like to see font size set on a language basis.  A font size 
that is useful in English, for example, is often too small for Greek 
(for me).  I feel the same way about the attributes bold and italic.

I look forward to the personal commentary.

Thanks for your work.


DM Smith wrote:
> Todd,
> This has been on our To Do list for quite a while. The whole notion  
> of persistence is part of the next release (which I'll call ELEPHANT,  
> since they never forget)
> The various parts of this:
> 1) The ability to maintain named lists of "bookmarks" where each  
> bookmark is the state of a Bible View (The Bibles you selected, the  
> preferences for that view, the passage lookup or the search  
> request, ...)
> 2) An option to have a bookmark list be automatically saved when the  
> program exits, consisting of book marks for the way you currently  
> have the program and used when it starts.
> 3) An option to have a chosen bookmark list be used to every time the  
> program starts.
> 4) To be able to set options on individual books. That is, have the  
> view menu options be remembered for a book. There will also be the  
> option to set the font for the book. Or for all books having the same  
> language(, or script, if I can figure out that one).
> 5) To be able to annotate a verse, passage or collections of passages  
> and to be able to recall annotations. Of course, you'll be able to  
> edit your existing annotations.
> This is the essence of the Personal Commentary module and may suffice  
> for it.
> 6) If I have time to get it into the release: To be able to highlight  
> a portion of a text and annotate it. (These annotations would be  
> different in that they would be tied to a specific Bible translation.)
> If you or anyone else has other ideas or questions, please reply!!!
> My guess is that this will take about 3-4 months to make it available  
> (unless more developers volunteer! That's why I am cross-posting this.)
> But in the meantime, you can manually save the view (on the File  
> menu) and restore it when BibleDesktop starts. Right now it only save  
> the verses, and nothing else.
> In His Service,
> 	DM Smith
> On Jun 27, 2007, at 1:04 PM, Todd Hammer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have noticed that I am unable, even in the new version 1.0.7, to
>> save view settings. When I close and reopen Bible Desktop, it doesn't
>> remember the multiple bible versions I have open, nor does it
>> remember the 'Each verse on it's own line' setting...
>> Is there a way to make these settings persistent?
>> Thanks.
>> -Todd
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