[bd-users] Removing Bible Desktop

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 28 15:05:20 MST 2004

    I have to get ready for a bible study tonight. When I get back, I 
will see if I can figure out how you can reuse your existing directory 
of modules in JSword. Could you send me your path to those modules?
    I really appreciate you expressing your frustration. It helps us 
make the program better! Some of the changes we need to make:
1) search for module locations that other sword programs use and add 
those automatically to the search path.
2) Provide a "factory reset" for options.
3) Provide an uninstall.

BTW, Mark is our resident Mac expert. I haven't use one since the early 
80's. So I make educated guesses as to what is happening.

Christine Roberton wrote:

> Okay, here's the deal...I initially installed MacSword and several 
> modules, all of which worked fine.  I decided I wanted something with 
> search capabilities.  I found the Bible Desktop on the JSword site and 
> decided to give it a try BECAUSE it used the MacSword modules (and I 
> had several.)  I downloaded Bible Desktop to run in the conventional 
> manner (not using Java WebStart).  The first thing the program wanted 
> me to do was select and download modules.  There was no option for 
> accessing the already existing modules on my hard drive.  So I 
> downloaded a module, just to see how Bible desktop worked, but 
> continued to look for ways to make it use already existing modules.  
> After searching around, I gave up in frustration and decided to remove 
> the program because I didn't want a bunch of duplicate modules.
> I then decided that maybe using the Java WebStart version would be an 
> efficient way of doing things.  In my very vague (pea-brained) 
> understanding, I thought that this type of program would access all 
> the modules I wanted ON THE WEB, with only a small core of program 
> files actually downloaded to my computer.  When the program again 
> wanted me to DOWNLOAD modules, I decided I would just not waste any 
> more time on it, and deleted the icon that starts the program, 
> although I knew, to my frustration that there were files on my 
> computer that supported the program and I had no idea how to delete 
> them all.
> I have had nothing but trouble with MacSword since...it only allows a 
> few books (modules) otherwise it crashes.  Right now, the modules I 
> have are the Bible, KJV with Strong's numbers, et. al; The Matthew 
> Henry Complete Bible Commentary; a Greek and a Hebrew Dictionary; a 
> Daily devotional; and Calvin's Institutes.  When I tried recently to 
> add the  Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown commentary, the program crashed 
> - I've tried several times to bring the program up and it continues to 
> crash.
> Is anyone knowledgeable in [ MacSword, Bible Desktop, the Mac OS X, 
> and Java] able to assist me in any way to come up with a workable 
> solution?  I would like to start over fresh, clean up any existing 
> messes, and just stick with one program or the other.
> Sorry this is so wordy but I wanted to give a complete picture of what 
> I had done so far.
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