[bd-users] Removing Bible Desktop

Christine Roberton carma54 at mac.com
Thu Oct 28 10:34:42 MST 2004

Okay, here's the deal...I initially installed MacSword and several 
modules, all of which worked fine.  I decided I wanted something with 
search capabilities.  I found the Bible Desktop on the JSword site and 
decided to give it a try BECAUSE it used the MacSword modules (and I 
had several.)  I downloaded Bible Desktop to run in the conventional 
manner (not using Java WebStart).  The first thing the program wanted 
me to do was select and download modules.  There was no option for 
accessing the already existing modules on my hard drive.  So I 
downloaded a module, just to see how Bible desktop worked, but 
continued to look for ways to make it use already existing modules.  
After searching around, I gave up in frustration and decided to remove 
the program because I didn't want a bunch of duplicate modules.

I then decided that maybe using the Java WebStart version would be an 
efficient way of doing things.  In my very vague (pea-brained) 
understanding, I thought that this type of program would access all the 
modules I wanted ON THE WEB, with only a small core of program files 
actually downloaded to my computer.  When the program again wanted me 
to DOWNLOAD modules, I decided I would just not waste any more time on 
it, and deleted the icon that starts the program, although I knew, to 
my frustration that there were files on my computer that supported the 
program and I had no idea how to delete them all.

I have had nothing but trouble with MacSword since...it only allows a 
few books (modules) otherwise it crashes.  Right now, the modules I 
have are the Bible, KJV with Strong's numbers, et. al; The Matthew 
Henry Complete Bible Commentary; a Greek and a Hebrew Dictionary; a 
Daily devotional; and Calvin's Institutes.  When I tried recently to 
add the  Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown commentary, the program crashed 
- I've tried several times to bring the program up and it continues to 

Is anyone knowledgeable in [ MacSword, Bible Desktop, the Mac OS X, and 
Java] able to assist me in any way to come up with a workable solution? 
  I would like to start over fresh, clean up any existing messes, and 
just stick with one program or the other.

Sorry this is so wordy but I wanted to give a complete picture of what 
I had done so far.

Chris Roberton
chrisroberton at mac.com

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