Bible Desktop

The Desktop GUI of JSword is called Bible Desktop and it has it's own download page. Bible Desktop provides installers for Windows, Linux and Mac.


Stable Release

If the Bible Desktop installers do not work for you or you want an earlier release, you can obtain a binary install from here. These include JSword, Bible Desktop and all the required 3-rd party jars.

We keep official releases hanging around for a long, long time. These files are in zip format.

Version 1.63.29 Mb1.72 Mb4.34 Mb
Version Mb1.29 Mb3.95 Mb
Version Mb1.12 Mb3.7 Mb
Version Mb1.09 Mb3.66 Mb
Version Mb1.02 Mb3.63 Mb
Version Mb1.01 Mb3.6 Mb
Version Mb1.01 Mb3.58 Mb
Version 1.02 Mb1.11 Mb3.44 Mb
Version Mb2.91 Mb3.68 Mb

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are made and stored for a short time. These files are in zip format.

These builds merely contains JSword. They do not include Bible Desktop or any of the 3-rd party dependencies.

03 Sep 20151.09 Mb1.17 Mb3.36 Mb
03 Jan 20161.1 Mb1.18 Mb3.36 Mb
08 Jan 20161.1 Mb1.17 Mb3.36 Mb
25 Mar 20161.1 Mb1.23 Mb3.34 Mb

Git Access

Git provides complete and up to data access. Also, all releases are tagged so you can get the full source of any prior stable release. There are Git access instruction on the Getting Involved page.

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