QPSword - The Qtopia SWORD Reader

The Qtopia Sword Reader (qpsword) is a micro UI for the The SWORD Project textual retrieval and research engine. Plugin books include Bibles, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, daily devotionals, and more, and works nicely as a general book reader (a few screenshots are here).

Downloads available here:

Brief feature list:

All books located at: http://www.crosswire.org should be usable. Software for the iPaq running qtopia along with some ipk packaged books are available from the feed at: http://www.crosswire.org/feeds/arm/ipk For the Zaurus, software is available here: http://www.crosswire.org/feeds/arm/ipk/zaurus


The qpsword ipk will install to /opt/QtPalmtop/ and will place a configuration file at: /etc/sword.conf.

I've found that trying to open this file with the View As Text option on the Zaurus' filemanager will CORRUPT this file. EVEN IF YOU DON'T SAVE. Apparently the text viewer tries to open it with its own ini-style class editor (for some strange reason), and will add spaces and remove multiple entries which the qtopia ini reader cannot handle.

Book module ipks will attempt to install to /root/.sword on the iPaq and /usr/share/sword on the Zaurus.

The SWORD Engine looks in a few places to find its installation of books: The location found in /etc/sword.conf; the current working directory; the location pointed to by $SWORD_HOME. After finding its main book set, the engine then augments the book list with books found in the current user's $HOME/.sword directory, and also any additional AugmentPath= entries in /etc/sword.conf.

/etc/sword.conf comes with a data path entry of /root on the iPaq and /usr/share/sword on the Z, so books may be unzipped to these locations.

You may add any number of AugmentPath= entries to the sword.conf file (again, beware of the qtopia text editor as it will corrupt this file). By default the Zaurus package includes 2 AugmentPath= entries: /mnt/cf/usr/share/sword and /mnt/card/usr/share/sword which allow installation of books to both CF and SD memory.


unifont might work to help with Greek, Hebrew, or other languages Enjoy!

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