[sword-devel] Deuterocanonical books / Apocrypha

Костя Маслюк kostyamaslyuk at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 15:18:01 MST 2014

31.01.2014 21:59 пользователь "Barry Drake" <bdrake �� crosswire.org> написал:
> I am running a testing version of BibleTime Mini for Android.  I think it
supports AV11n.  If the maintainer of BibleTime Mini is on this list, maybe
he could respond.  It is an excellent app.
Yes, BibleTime Mini supports av11n and there is no any processing to cut
off any deuterocanonical material. It represent Bibles like desktop
BibleTime do, except of that Mini use different HTML rendering engine and
text output may differ. But i hope to have switch for that material
someday, actually it is a complex thing.

And i agree that few people knows that AndBible is not the only
Sword/jSword frontend for android. I hope that handhelds page on
crosswire.org site will be finally updated. Because someone would leave
official resource of The Sword project with clear understanding that it
have nothing to offer for his Symbian or BlackBerry device. I think
CrossConnect for Windows Phone should also be there.

I m about  http://crosswire.org/applications.jsp?section=Handhelds because
in my opinion it is most qualified from regular user's point of view.

> I really don't want to get into a theological argument, but I don't like
whole chapters and books ripped out of my Bible.  My Bible is based on the
version that Jesus, the apostles and the early church used (the LXX) and if
that was good enough for them, I guess it's good enough for me.  It was,
you may remember, the Synagogue and not the Church that started to omit
these valuable books.
> God bless,        Barry Drake.
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