[sword-devel] 3 bugs in sword project (BibleBS or BCS)

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Jan 16 19:08:53 MST 2014


How did you try to search for these in BibleCS?  Searching for Strongs 
works fine, as far as remember.  Did you click on the "Show Strongs" 
button, then right-click on one in the text and select search?  This 
will also show you the proper format to use when searching, if you'd 
just like to type in the number yourself.


On 01/16/2014 04:40 PM, Jim Michaels wrote:
> as it is, I am told I am not allowed switch horses in the middle of my 
> project. I must use The Sword Project. not sure, but I may not be able 
> to change for a long time either...
> could The Sword Project please be fixed?
> thanks.
> sorry, didn't know where to put bug reports for the sword project. I 
> was working off of best information I could get.
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>     On 20/11/13 02:30, Jim Michaels wrote:
>     > hi. if SWORD means BibleCS(BCS), I have submitted 3 bugs against
>     it. I
>     > am beginning to wonder if nobody is monitoring it. my best
>     > undestanding is that BibleCS means The Sword Project.
>     > could someone please fix those bugs and re-release?
>     This gets complicated.  BibleCS is an early Windows viewer for the
>     Sword
>     Project.  The Sword Project is a very versatile engine for making
>     Bible
>     and other modules available to a number of GUI applications
>     running on
>     many platforms.  For Windows, you ought to try BibleTime and Xiphos
>     which are both cross platform and have Windows versions.  Sword is
>     now
>     available on several other platforms including iOS and Android.
>     Regards        Barry Drake
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