[sword-devel] 3 bugs in sword project (BibleBS or BCS)

Jim Michaels jmichae3 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 16 16:40:55 MST 2014

as it is, I am told I am not allowed switch horses in the middle of my project. I must use The Sword Project. not sure, but I may not be able to change for a long time either...

could The Sword Project please be fixed?

sorry, didn't know where to put bug reports for the sword project. I was working off of best information I could get.

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>On 20/11/13 02:30, Jim Michaels wrote:
>> hi. if SWORD means BibleCS(BCS), I have submitted 3 bugs against it. I 
>> am beginning to wonder if nobody is monitoring it. my best 
>> undestanding is that BibleCS means The Sword Project.
>> could someone please fix those bugs and re-release?
>This gets complicated.  BibleCS is an early Windows viewer for the Sword 
>Project.  The Sword Project is a very versatile engine for making Bible 
>and other modules available to a number of GUI applications running on 
>many platforms.  For Windows, you ought to try BibleTime and Xiphos 
>which are both cross platform and have Windows versions.  Sword is now 
>available on several other platforms including iOS and Android.
>Regards        Barry Drake
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