[sword-devel] verse position problems

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Tue Feb 25 13:23:12 MST 2014

When you run osis2mod it displays the version number. What is it? You might be using a version that does not handle paragraph markup between verses.

I think this may be solved in Bible Desktop, where we use arabic numbers so they flow with everything else. Can you give that a try. You will need to pick Persian as the interface language to get it to do that. (I know arabic and farsi are different languages, but we can see the results then.)

If then it shows properly, it is not a module problem.

In Him,

On Feb 25, 2014, at 2:41 PM, Shane Cooke <shanecooke at mac.com> wrote:

> Thanks for getting back to me DM,
> I see this problem on Eloquent, and PocketSword. Bibles in similar languages do not exhibit the same problem. I have access to some OSIS forms of a few of those and as far as I can tell my code is the same as theirs.
> I do use <p>… here is a sample:
> <chapter n="4" osisID="Matt.4"/>
> <title>يسانىڭ سىناقتان ءوتىپ، ءازازىلدى جەڭىپ شىعۋى</title>
> <p>
> <verse sID="Matt.4.1" osisID="Matt.4.1"/>بۇدان كەيىن قۇداي رۋحى يسانى شايتاننىڭ سىناعىنان ءوتۋى ءۇشىن شولگە الىپ باردى.<verse eID="Matt.4.1"/>
> <verse sID="Matt.4.2" osisID="Matt.4.2"/>سول جەردە قىرىق كۇن، قىرىق ءتۇن ورازا تۇتىپ، يسا ابدەن اشىقتى.<verse eID="Matt.4.2"/></p>
> <p>
> <verse sID="Matt.4.3" osisID="Matt.4.3"/>سوندا ازعىرۋشى ءازازىل ونىڭ قاسىنا كەلىپ:</p>
> In this case it displays like (with some pretend right justification):
>                                          Matthew 4:
>  .more arabic text 2 .arabic text 1
>                                                              3
> 	            .new arabic paragraph
> Thank you,
> Shane
> On Feb 25, 2014, at 2:30 PM, sword-devel-request at crosswire.org wrote:
>> Where are you seeing this problem of verse placement numbers? Some of the frontends have problem displaying verse numbers in the right place with RtoL text.
>> Otherwise, I think it is a problem with your text.
>> The verse number will be placed where the <verse> element starts. If you put a elements such as <p>, <div>, <lg>, <l> right after the <verse ...> start, then the verse number will be followed by a newline.
>> Generally, elements that contain text and imply newlines should be placed between verses. On occasion it can split a verse. Likewise for such element ends: Typically between verses. Sometimes within.
>> If you have these at the end of a verse right before </verse>, it will cause other problems that are not as obvious. 
>> Hope this helps a bit.
>> In Him,
>> 	DM
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