[sword-devel] verse position problems

Shane Cooke shanecooke at mac.com
Tue Feb 25 12:41:14 MST 2014

Thanks for getting back to me DM,

I see this problem on Eloquent, and PocketSword. Bibles in similar languages do not exhibit the same problem. I have access to some OSIS forms of a few of those and as far as I can tell my code is the same as theirs.

I do use <p>… here is a sample:

<chapter n="4" osisID="Matt.4"/>
<title>يسانىڭ سىناقتان ءوتىپ، ءازازىلدى جەڭىپ شىعۋى</title>
<verse sID="Matt.4.1" osisID="Matt.4.1"/>بۇدان كەيىن قۇداي رۋحى يسانى شايتاننىڭ سىناعىنان ءوتۋى ءۇشىن شولگە الىپ باردى.<verse eID="Matt.4.1"/>
<verse sID="Matt.4.2" osisID="Matt.4.2"/>سول جەردە قىرىق كۇن، قىرىق ءتۇن ورازا تۇتىپ، يسا ابدەن اشىقتى.<verse eID="Matt.4.2"/></p>
<verse sID="Matt.4.3" osisID="Matt.4.3"/>سوندا ازعىرۋشى ءازازىل ونىڭ قاسىنا كەلىپ:</p>

In this case it displays like (with some pretend right justification):
                                         Matthew 4:
 .more arabic text 2 .arabic text 1
	            .new arabic paragraph

Thank you,

On Feb 25, 2014, at 2:30 PM, sword-devel-request at crosswire.org wrote:

> Where are you seeing this problem of verse placement numbers? Some of the frontends have problem displaying verse numbers in the right place with RtoL text.
> Otherwise, I think it is a problem with your text.
> The verse number will be placed where the <verse> element starts. If you put a elements such as <p>, <div>, <lg>, <l> right after the <verse ...> start, then the verse number will be followed by a newline.
> Generally, elements that contain text and imply newlines should be placed between verses. On occasion it can split a verse. Likewise for such element ends: Typically between verses. Sometimes within.
> If you have these at the end of a verse right before </verse>, it will cause other problems that are not as obvious. 
> Hope this helps a bit.
> In Him,
> 	DM

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