[sword-devel] Best Windows compiler to use to make Python bindings to Sword?

rj_qgsous_sword rj_qgsous_sword at objectmail.com
Tue Feb 25 12:24:56 MST 2014

Thank you for your helpful answers. I had been attempting to use
    CMake to build a Visual Studio 2008 project and make the SWIG
    bindings. Now I understand why that didn't work.


    Also, I now have some more questions:

@Jon You mentioned that you used the Visual Studio project for
        C# in the bindings/swig/vstudio directory.. Does this mean that I
        need to use Visual Studio C# instead of Visual Studio C++? I'm
        somewhat confused about this, since I thought that SWIG and
        Python would need Visual Studio C++ rather than C#.I am thinking that I might be switching soon from Python 2 to
        Python 3. So I was also wondering if it is possible to build the
        SWIG bindings for Python 3? If I understand correctly, SWIG
        claims to have Python 3 support. If I were to switch to Python
        3, I suppose I would then want to use Visual Studio 2010, since
        that is what Python 3 is built with.

Thank you.


-- Timothy


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