[sword-devel] verse position problems

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Tue Feb 25 12:22:46 MST 2014

Where are you seeing this problem of verse placement numbers? Some of the frontends have problem displaying verse numbers in the right place with RtoL text.

Otherwise, I think it is a problem with your text.

The verse number will be placed where the <verse> element starts. If you put a elements such as <p>, <div>, <lg>, <l> right after the <verse ...> start, then the verse number will be followed by a newline.

Generally, elements that contain text and imply newlines should be placed between verses. On occasion it can split a verse. Likewise for such element ends: Typically between verses. Sometimes within.

If you have these at the end of a verse right before </verse>, it will cause other problems that are not as obvious. 

Hope this helps a bit.

In Him,

On Feb 25, 2014, at 2:03 PM, Shane Cooke  wrote:

> Hello!
> Hopefully someone can point me in the correct direction.
> I am working on a New Testament written in a RtL language. The XML validates, and as far as I can tell the OSIS formatting is correct.
> BUT, whenever I generate a module using osis2mod, and any combination of -z and -v (I tried them all) I keep getting results which place a verse number at the start of a paragraph on a line by itself before the actual paragraph. To make it more confusing, this only occurs for verse numbers that aren’t immediately after a chapter number.
>  I don’t think I can send a screen shot, but the below might suffice. (Keep in mind it is an arabic alphabet derived language.)
> Instead of:
> Chapter 1
> 1 Verse text of some kind. 2 Continuing verse text.
> 3 New paragraph. 4 Continuing new paragraph.
> 5 Another new one. 6 Continuing new one.
> I get:
> Chapter 1
> 1 Verse text of some kind. 2 Continuing verse text.
> 3
> New paragraph. 4 Continuing new paragraph.
> 5
> Another new one. 6. Continuing new one.
> What could this be? I suspect it has something to do with the osis2mod options, but I have tried everything! Is it the font? Have I not formatted the entire OSIS document properly? I admit to not finding anything which conclusively helped me with how to code the transition from book to book, but would this affect verse numbers?
> Much thanks!
> Shane
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