[sword-devel] BpBible - was Re: Best Windows compiler to use to make Python bindings to Sword?

Peter Von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Feb 25 06:51:13 MST 2014

> Von: "Jonathan Morgan" <jonmmorgan at gmail.com>

> I haven't built SWORD for a few years,
Dear Jonathan 

Just a short question - and this is a complete aside for this thread - is BpBible still maintained or not?

Also will BpBible at any time support av11n - even if there is no mapping? We have more and more modules which are av11n and not just weird and wonderful ones, but the bulk of United Bible Society and Wycliffe produced texts e.g. conforms to NRSV rather than KJV. Absence of full av11n compliance will mean that a verse in the NT is inaccessible (something in letters of John, IIRC)
I am thinking of revamping part of our application list page to ensure it is all up to date and it would be good to know


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