[sword-devel] osis2mod

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Wed Feb 19 08:04:27 MST 2014

On 19/02/14 11:20, pns-nwt at seznam.cz wrote:
>     I have a problem to compile OSIS to module - I am sorry for it,
>     but I am new in sword ;-)
>     All tags <note> are ignored and text of note is given to a verse
>     text (there is no mark and note created).
>     I am using osis2mod.

Try pasting the following note into a verse and run osis2mod on it. This 
is part of the Brenton LXX which I am annoting.  The verse below works 
for me.  Be sure you include the OSIS definitions in your conf file for 
the module.  GlobalOptionFilter=OSISFootnotes and SourceType=OSIS need 
to be in there for it to work.

<verse sID="Gen.2.9" osisID="Gen.2.9"/>
And God made to spring up also out of the earth every tree beautiful 
<note n="16">2.9: Gr. for sight.</note> to the eye and good for food, 
and the tree of life in the midst of the garden, and the tree of 
learning  <note n="17">2.9: Or, that which is to be known. Comp. Rom. 1. 
19.</note> the knowledge of good and evil.
<verse eID="Gen.2.9"/>

Regards,        Barry.

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