[sword-devel] Av11n modules - was Deuterocanonical books / Apocrypha

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Mon Feb 3 10:17:42 MST 2014

On 03/02/14 16:46, Greg Hellings wrote:
> The sword-icu package is only for windows. You should install the 
> libicu-dev package and do a fresh checkout of SWORD SVN. Then just run 
> autogen.sh and usrinst.sh.

Thanks Greg ....   That was far simpler than I expected.  It worked and 
built the engine and all the utilities straightaway.  My next task is to 
make a canon-webbe.h by modifying a copy of canon-nrsva.h - looks fairly 
straightforward, so I guess it will worth an hour or two.

God bless,        Barry.

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