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Matěj Cepl mcepl at redhat.com
Mon Feb 3 09:31:20 MST 2014

I see a couple of problems with Czech modules, could somebody suggest a

1) CzeKMS is the old version of CzeCSP made from the preliminary
incomplete texts while the translation process continued. I have CzeCSP
from the original source code from the publisher and they are published
with their express approval.

2) The same goes with CzeNKB being a preliminary version of CzeB21 (I
don't have more definite knowledge about CzeB21 aside from what every
Czech Protestant knows: that the project has been originally called
"Nová Bible Kralická" (Revised Kralice Version; Kralická Bible being a
reformance translation from around the year 1600, what we have as
CzeBKR) and shortly before publication the name of the project has been
changed to more commercially catchy "Bible 21. století" (Bible for the
21st Century).

3) Talking about CzeBKR. Actually what we have in the module is not the
last revised version of 1613 (which is the text which is commonly
published by the Czech and International Bible Society as the Bible of
Kralice), but New Testament is very rare text of the first edition of
1593 (or 1594). Complete text of 1613 Kralická Bible seems to be on
See for example comparison of
http://www.etf.cuni.cz/~rovnanim/bible/6/Lk2.php (the first edition),
and the same text of Luke 2 from 1613 version

4) All Czech modules (except of CzeCSP, where it has been already done)
would need to be regenerated with German v11n. Do we have sources or
contacts for the original authors?

5) http://www.crosswire.org/tracker/browse/MOD-261 has my patch fixing
the problem.



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