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Try NRSVA. It has 4Macc.
In Him,

On Feb 2, 2014, at 9:57 AM, Barry Drake <bdrake at crosswire.org> wrote:

> On 02/02/14 11:20, Barry Drake wrote:
>> Correct me if I'm wrong, but currently the only modern English Language version I can see that contains the deutero-canon is the CPDV version.  I'm not at all sure about this version, partly because it is a bit ponderous to read, and also because it is the work of only one person rather than a group of translators.  Michael mentions the WEB version as having the extra books - the Sword module I can find contains only the 66 book canon.  Is there anything else out there please?
> I thought I'd have a play.  I downloaded the osis file from http://ebible.org/ and using the command:   osis2mod ./ eng-webbe_osis.xml -z -v KJVA  and the following as a .conf file:
> [webbe_a]
> DataPath=./modules/texts/ztext/webbe_a/
> ModDrv=zText
> Encoding=UTF-8
> BlockType=BOOK
> CompressType=ZIP
> SourceType=OSIS
> MinimumVersion=1.6.1
> SwordVersionDate=2009-10-24
> OSISVersion=2.1.1
> Version=
> TextSource=
> LCSH=Bible. English.
> DistributionLicense=Public Domain
> Lang=en
> Description=World English Bible with Apocrypha
> About=
> Versification=KJVA
> InstallSize=
> I made a working module.  The osis2mod error messages show that neither KJVA nor any of the other currently available 'with'apocrypha' versifications are correct.  As an example, 4 Maccabees is ignored completely ....  there are a host of other unsupported verses.  I wonder if there is any chance someone could add a WEBA versification (or explain to me very gently how to make one?)  Chris Little maybe?
> God bless,        Barry.
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