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Mon Oct 21 01:37:28 MST 2013

Japanese audio bible based on DAISY3

To play these bibles,
1. download a DAISY player such as AMIS3 from
   and install it.
2. download zip archived files from the site above.
   (e.g. http://bible.salterrae.net/kougo/daisy/kougo_62.zip for JOHN1)
3. unzip them.
4. run the player and then open the ncc.html file in the unzipped

> I just discovered AndBible has a TTS feature, and it is (unfortunately)
> not as good as Hison's example from iOS.  This could simply be my old
> Phone has an old version of Android, and thus, the TTS, or of course iOS
> has spent a lot of time/money developing the Siri TTS.  Is the developer
> form AndBible on this list?  If so did you use a built in text to
> speech, or something auxiliary?  And also if you are on this list THANK
> YOU!  So many people are thankful for having an offline Bible, that is
> fully searchable, (and all the other wonderful SWORD features we are so
> privileged with), myself included!
> And thank you for making the text zoom-able, as well.
> --
> Regards

admin at bible.salterrae.net

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