[sword-devel] Audio Bibles

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 22:20:20 MST 2013

I just discovered AndBible has a TTS feature, and it is (unfortunately) 
not as good as Hison's example from iOS.  This could simply be my old 
Phone has an old version of Android, and thus, the TTS, or of course iOS 
has spent a lot of time/money developing the Siri TTS.  Is the developer 
form AndBible on this list?  If so did you use a built in text to 
speech, or something auxiliary?  And also if you are on this list THANK 
YOU!  So many people are thankful for having an offline Bible, that is 
fully searchable, (and all the other wonderful SWORD features we are so 
privileged with), myself included!
And thank you for making the text zoom-able, as well.


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